Olivia Jimena Juárez Carrillo
Mechatronics Engineer who, as an undergrad, was the first female member ever in the Robotics Team; and with this team, participated in international competition Robocup Rescue 2012, obtaining 2nd place in robot manipulation.
She’s worked in Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as in 3D Geometry Processing. And, in INEGI, in the Department of Informatics. Currently, she lectures in university: (1) Modelling of Virtual Environment and Agents, (2) Programming of Virtual Environment and Agents and (3) Computer Graphics.
Postgraduate in Mobile Technologies; and enrolled in a Postgraduate degree in Statistical Methods in Center for Mathematical Research of Mexico (CIMAT), where her research involves satellite image segmentation for land cover.
Master of Science in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging from University College London. She is Advisor of the Governing Board of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI). Where she’s mostly worked in the implementation of the Mexican Geospatial Data Cube: aiming to create a massive array of raster data that will bring the data, tools and specialist even closer, in order to generate more timely and detailed information for decision making.