Silvia Laura Fraustro Velhagen

She graduated in Computer Science and Cybernetics Engineering, from the Universidad La Salle.

Under her supervisión as ICT Director General in the Mexican Judiciary, their first national network was set up, courts at different levels entered the digital age, for instance, allowing them on-line jurisprudence searches.

Since 1995, she Works for INEGI, Mexico NSO. In different capacities, she has been involved in a number of innovative ICT projects, such as: (a) the first INEGI web page, (b) replacement of satellite communications with fiber optics, allowing the introduction of digital telephone exchanges, (c) set up of video conference services between regional offices, (d) prototype of an institutional DWH, and (e) blueprint of the national information network.

More recently, she has worked in international projects and their implementation at INEGI, namely:

Standard for Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX)

  • 5th SDMX Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting in 2013 in Eurostat.
  • Technical responsibility for the institutional SDMX platform at INEGI.

General Statistical Business Production Model (GSBPM)

  • Part of the Task Team for the Alignment of overarching processes in GSBPM with GAMSO, created in 2019 by the Supporting Standards Group of the UNECE’s High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS).
  • Technical responsibility for the evidence registration system of MPEG, Mexico’s versión of GSBPM.


  • Member of the Social Media Data Task Team, created in 2017 by the Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics of the United Nations Statistical Commission.
  • Co-responsible of the “Introductory course on using Social media data for sentiment”, during the 4th International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics in Bogota, Colombia, November 2017
  • Part of INEGI Data Science team looking into ways to produce oficial statistics, currently experimental, using Big Data from alternative sources.